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Our Philosophy:

         Z Design-Build LLC focuses on improving the least efficient parts of a building site. The larger the challenge, the greater the opportunity.

         Often in the building process, unforeseen issues arrise that have to be dealt with in a timely matter. Having someone on-site that is representing the owner can expedite decisions. Too often the "pass the buck," linear method of design leads to redundency, "haste makes waste" outcomes, and costly corrections. No one wins in this situation. Our goal at ZDB is to integrate all subcontractors as early as possible so goals and ideas are clear. Choices can be made on the fly by the constrution team with confidence because the vision of the project is more deeply understood.

        ZDB takes advantage of the latest design software to refine and delve into parts of the project every step of the way. What was previously confusing can now be 3-dimensionally modeled which leads  to a faster, better project. Of course, we haven't done away with standard, tried-and-true methods but utilize a combination of new and old techniques.

         The added attention to detail that is inherent in the design-build process ultimately leads to a more quality project. There is nothing more beautiful than a thoroughly thought-through design that is followed to the end. Everyone can notice what happens when the process goes wrong: ugly buildings! With ZDB, you can be assured that you will receive a project that not only works, but is a piece of art.

Z DesignBuild LLC, Design & Build Contractor, Portland, OR

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